We recognize it can be difficult handing over the care of your pet to someone else. During our initial conversation and subsequent “meet and greet,” we will assess the number and timing of visits at your house per day that fulfills your pet’s needs. Our goal is for all of us, including your pets, to feel comfortable, confident, and at ease with one another. A typical visit, whether 15 or 30 minutes, includes:
  • Fresh food and water in clean bowls
  • Exercise and playtime
  • Scoop litter
  • Bring in mail/papers
  • Water plants

  • Administer medications
  • Brush/comb as requested
  • Pickup and disposal of poop
  • Trash to curb
  • Alter lights and window coverings


15 minute visit $20.00

30 minute visit $24.00

Rates are per visit. No additional charges for multiple pets.

Pet’s Desire Pet Sitting, LLC offers a unique boarding experience because your dog or cat is a guest in my home. A kennel environment at a veterinarian clinic or a commercial boarding facility is not always the best fit for your companion, especially if he or she is older and needs a calmer setting and more personal attention. Recognizing an absence of alternatives, I set out to provide a softer, gentler, quieter space for your pet. I did not start the boarding side of my business until 2016 because Mesa County did not authorize this as a home business in residential zoning. I approached the Planning Division in 2015 for permission and was told no because the law as written did not allow it. Long story short, I submitted a proposal with the suggested language, worked with their staff, appeared before the planning commissioners and Mesa County Commissioners, and succeeded in changing the law for Mesa County.
Mesa County Land Development Code, Chapter 5, Use Regulations, states in part under Section 5.3.6 Home Occupations: C.3.b Animal Care or Boarding Facilities Limited animal care or boarding facilities are allowed as home occupations. This includes grooming services, training, and in-home boarding of household pets, provided that no more than a total of five (5) animals over four (4) months of age are present, including those owned by the occupant of the residential unit. Outdoor activity shall be limited to normal play and exercise during daytime hours in a fenced area and to periods when animals are allowed outside to relieve themselves. Boarded animals shall not be housed in outside kennels, runs, or enclosures.
Simply put, Pet’s Desire Pet Sitting is approved for household pet boarding in accordance with the Mesa County Land Development Code. Why refer to my home as Beau’s Abode when I could have named it in memory of any of my four dogs who have passed? Beau is the only dog I ever had from a puppy to old age. His mom and dad were neighborhood Border Collies. I chose Beau from the litter at just four weeks of age and took him home two weeks later. He outlived Rusty by three years, a gorgeous golden-red and white Australian Shepherd who I lovingly referred to as “My Wiggle Butt” because of the way he sashayed when he excitedly greeted me. Beau was by my side as I cared for Bailey, a goofy Bernese Mountain Dog, who although she died of cancer, actually lived the full life span of her breed at just nine years. Beau lay in a circle with Luther the curly-tailed cat, and Chloe, a sweet Golden-Retriever/Chow mix with big brown eye-liner eyes, on my bedroom carpet sensing that Chloe’s days were coming to an end. Luther suddenly died shortly after Chloe. In a devastating year and a half, I lost four pets. Somehow the oldest and frailest, Beau, stayed with me as if to grant me a reprieve from all the loss. Beau seemed sad. So off we went to Roice-Hurst Humane Society where we found Lucy, a Border-Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who had been chained the entire five and one-half years of her life. The trick was whether she would accept Beau because she found other potential brothers and sisters totally unacceptable! She instantly recognized that Beau in his advanced years posed no threat to her. A few months later, Prince, a cat who belonged to a client of mine, came to live with us after his owner passed away. The spring in Beau’s step and the glint in his eyes returned. He lived nearly two years after Lucy came home. We said goodbye to Beau on November 16, 2017 when he was fifteen years, seven months, and one day old. He was with me the longest. He brought unending joy to life. He loved all the dogs and cats that came to visit him and share his dwelling. That is why I honor him with “Beau’s Abode.” We welcome your well-mannered dog or cat into our family and especially those senior pets who will settle right in as if they were in their own home. My house sits on a third acre, fenced with plenty of grass and shade outdoors, and a variety of comfortable and orthopedic beds inside. Ramps are in place for entering and exiting the house, making it easier on older joints. Proper exercise for your pets according to their needs is part of our daily routine. Animals are not crated unless that has been part of your pet’s normal practice and you request it.
Beau’s Abode
So come join us at Beau’s Abode for that home away from home experience!
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