About Pet’s Desire Pet Sitting, LLC

My name is Kathi Stahl, and I am the owner and operator of Pet’s Desire Pet Sitting, LLC. Entrusting your pet to someone you just met and allowing that person to enter your home when you are gone is something I don’t take lightly. My animals are my family, and my home is my sanctuary. I will treat yours with the same respect and think it’s important you know about me before we meet in person.

My childhood was spent in Colorado and South Dakota. I enlisted in the United States Air Force and retired after twenty years of honorable service. Upon retirement I simultaneously graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies. I moved to Grand Junction in 2001 and worked for two law firms and the local VA Hospital over the course of several years.

During this time I had four dogs and a cat that owned me more than I owned them. I first rescued Luther, a cat who had been dumped near Okagawa Farms. I saw his information posted on a white board as my mom and I entered to peruse the fruits and vegetables. Rather than leaving with a bag of groceries, I took home an older kitten with a curiously curled tail. Luther entertained us with his antics, rode in the basket on my bicycle, and was a faithful friend to the end. Over the next two years my family grew by leaps and bounds. My dogs included Beau, a Border Collie; Rusty, an Australian Shepherd; Chloe, a Golden Retriever/Chow mix; and Bailey, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Beau came to live with me as a puppy while the others were adopted from families who relinquished their pets. I am eternally grateful to those people who gave up these dogs, for whatever reason, so that I could provide them a forever home. My four-legged family members held my heart and taught me there was more to life than a hectic, stress-filled office job that seemed to follow me home and invade my personal life.

Seeking a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle, I set aside my career and listened to a suggestion from a friend. I researched pet sitting and embarked on a new path, one I didn’t see coming and never looked back.
Fourteen years later I am still a professional pet sitter meeting strangers and their cherished companions at their homes and inviting potential boarders into mine.